Exhibition stand for Technikon
To promote the Theme of Industry 4.0 in the industry of Belarus, innovative approaches and technological solutions in the field of industrial automation, we developed design of the stand for Technikon for the annual Tibo exhibition.

concept search
During the design, several concepts were developed. The most difficult conception involved allocating a separate block with a large screen for displaying thematic videos for each of the 4 industries. The customer chose a more concise version of the concept for the implementation of the stand.
design project
The final version meant to emphasize the unity of the Smart Factory idea for all industries. The stand, designed in the corporate style of the Technikon company, had the maximum free space in the front part for a better access of visitors and focusing their attention on the main semantic part of the stand.
In the side part of the stand, it was possible to logically enter a zone for demonstrating the company's developments in virtual reality.