Exhibition stand

2021 - 2022
Exhibition stand for NHC
Exhibition stand design is an important visual message of the company to potential customers, partners and exhibition visitors. This is known to our customers and to us. A common understanding produces excellent results.

One of the examples is the individual stand design for the NHC company for the 15th TRANSEXPO (Kielce, Poland) created by us according into the features of the company and its products, the goals pursued, the exhibition venue, the characteristics of the exhibition hall and the environment, the location and configuration of the purchased area.
exhibition in Poland
The design project includes of two stages:

  • at the first stage, we present the visualized development of the concept of the stand, the planning solution and presentations of all kinds with the necessary explanations and descriptions.
  • at the second is a detailed video visualization, the opportunity to walk around the virtual booth in VR glasses and, of course, prepared graphic materials for booth design.
exhibition in Turkey
The result in Poland was excellent! A few months later, we made some a little changes by stand to our customer's for participation in the exhibition Busworld 2022 (Istanbul, Turkey)… and it was even more successful!